Cafe + R&D Food Hub

Dishcovery – The ultimate destination for food enthusiasts and budding entrepreneurs! We are not just your ordinary café; we are a vibrant R&D food hub that fosters creativity and supports young talents in their F&B ventures! Join us in celebrating innovation, learning, and the
pursuit of F&B excellence!


Dishcovery, KL Trillion

31 MAY 2023

“Dishcovery could become a favourite find for cafe-hunters in the city centre: Expected to open next week, this is a fabulously friendly new space in Tun Razak Road’s KL Trillion, run by baristas Hong and Robin and pastry chef Wendy. The coffee here is terrific, a medium roast that relies on African and Central American beans. Artisanal European-inspired pastries
will also be served soon.

Dishcovery's Location

KL Trillion

Unit G-5, KL Trillion, 338 Jalan Tun Razak, 50400 KL