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At Marchstone Food Project, our platform aims to celebrate creativity and innovation that will transform the food & beverage industry. EXPLORE MORE

We hate to see good
ideas go to waste

We believe that success is a combination of strong ideas along with access to the right tools, resources and people. We don’t just invest in ideas; we’re also building towards bringing Malaysia to greater heights in terms of implementing best practices and technology.


Marchstone Food Project aims to identify, recognise and invest in visionary and innovative ideas that serves as a solution/enhancement in today’s digital & industrialised world.

Believing in People & Resources

Marchstone Food Project aims to invest in entrepreneurs and individuals who are passionate and strives to succeed through providing the right resources and technological support.

Striving for Stable & Sustainable Business

Marchstone Food Project believes that the foundation of a stable & sustainable business is in the power of an idea combined with the right people and resources.

Our Team

Visionaries behind the scenes

Reagan Ting

Director & Business Developer of Kaiju Dining

Ting Chern-Wemn, often known ‘Reagan’ is a Managing Director and Business Developer of Kaiju and Craft, with a cumulative 9 years’ experience in international chains, start-ups, a consultancy, and co-founded a Restaurant & Bar. With a background in French cooking, Reagan currently focuses on fusion and modern contemporary cuisine as his inspiration. The Valedictorian of Johnson & Wales University, Rhode Island of 2011, he went on to complete his M.B.A. in Event Hospitality.

Yong Yung Ling

Assistant Manager, Business Administration

Simplifying processes for operational effectiveness is rewarding for Yung Ling. She multitasks in the background to provide support to the executive and management team. A little fun fact about Yung Ling is that she loves making lists, calendars and getting stuff done efficiently.

Wong Yin-How

Founder + Operator of Proof, Grano & Smith

A lawyer by training from the London School of Economics, Wong Yin-How founded Vintry Cellars in 2005. As Managing Director, he currently oversees the operations of the Vintry and Proof Group of wine bars, restaurants and cafes in Malaysia.

In 2010, Wong Yin-How became the first Asian recipient of the AXA Millésimes Scholarship, which offers scholars hands-on experience at vineyards in Bordeaux, Burgundy, Languedoc, Douro and Tokaji. He is currently the only Malaysian studying for the Master of Wine, is the Vice President of the Food and Wine Society of Kuala Lumpur and he was the founding secretary of the Sommelier’s Association of Malaysia.

Charlotte Wong

Operations Manager of Juliet

Lu Yi Cheng

Financial Advisor

Lu Yi Cheng, often known as “Lu”, is a financial advisor for Marchstone Food Project. Lu graduated from University of Exeter in 2017 with a Bachelor's degree in Accounting and Finance. He has a cumulative experience in the banking sector before joining Marchstone Food Project.

Tiffany Yow

Director of Juliet

A graduate of University of Melbourne with Bachelor of Commerce, Accounting & Finance. Tiffany is the co-founder of The Flow of Studio and as the director of Juliet, she is currently overseeing mainly the branding & marketing of the business.

Ang Pak Yang


Pak Yang is a director at MSFP with his hands involved in all aspects of the firm, from investments to finance and ensuring the delicate equilibrium of order and creative chaos is in balance.

He started off his career in banking in Kuala Lumpur but took a meandering path within the financial services industry that led him through insurance and asset management only to land up in Prudential Corporation Asia in Hong Kong. Thereafter he joined VLT Kuala Lumpur as their finance director, then a fledgling digital agency and venture builder that went on to win multiple awards and close a sale of a subsidiary to Mckinsey & Company. He brings along to MS his commingled experiences of structure in a Fortune 500 corporation and scrappy anything-goes startup.

Pak Yang graduated from University of Waterloo, Canada with a B.Math in Operations Research and Computer Science. Pak Yang is a CFA® charterholder.

Marissa Lee

Senior Manager, Investments

A graduate of Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) from SunwayTES, Marissa is currently a Senior Manager, Investments of Marchstone Food Project (MSFP) with a cumulative experience of three years as a business tax consultant at Ernst & Young and a community manager of a coworking space in Malaysia thereafter.

Marissa is a passionate and enthusiastic individual who enjoys learning and communicating with a diverse group of people especially within her role in MSFP. She aspires to be one who makes a difference to the people around her through the things she does!

Our Team

Visionaries behind the scenes

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